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6 Helpful Ways To Grow and Develop Your Workforce

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There are no instant magical remedies for addressing the issue of increasing/improving your staff.  It is a strategic initiative and it will require discipline to process an overall plan.  Below is a list of steps you can take to grow both the quality and quantity of your workforce.

1. Determine Who You Are Trying To Attract and Maintain

What types of employees do you need more of and who out of your current employees are the most valuable to the success of your organization? Two hot positions are assembly line and factory workers.

For this article, let’s focus on pursuing and maintaining factory workers.  To be even more specific, let’s focus on the state of Alabama, even though the same general premise works anywhere. 

 2. Get Involved in the Alabama Workforce Development

The Alabama Workforce Development provides a direct link to the workforce needs of business and industry at the local level. The Councils are business-driven and business-led and work with their member counties to develop a regional strategic plan and comprehensive workforce development system that supports local economic and job development activities. Link

Have your organization involved with AWD will result in being in the know and ultimately having a leg up on your competition. Contact your local chamber of commerce to get information on getting involved.  

3. Learn about and Become a “Ready To Work” Company

Job candidates coming to you from Ready To Work are well on their way to make an instant impact in the workforce. They have a high school diploma or GED, attended classes for 20 days, and been vetted to some extent. Their curriculum is very strict (enrollees can only miss one class) and they must pass a test at the end to complete the program.

4. Have Your Specific Jobs Profiled by an ACT Certified Provider

An ACT Job Profiler will help you develop the requirements and skillsets needed for a candidate to perform the job (that you’re searching for) at the level needed for company success. Ultimately, this makes your hiring efforts more productive and cost-efficient.  And, yes, Chesapeake can perform this service for you :0

5. Make changes to your culture to make your company more attractive

Culture improvement begins with leadership development.  Again, Chesapeake Consulting has a variety of assessments and programs to help you in this effort.

Take a serious look at your benefits and do some research on what your target employees desire.  Neptune did this and found some interesting facts concerning hiring millennials.  They discovered that the millennials were not big fans of the company Christmas party or company picnics.  So, Neptune took the money they would have spent on those programs and did more informational lunches and fun things during the work week.  Also, they provided more practical benefits. They listened to what mattered most to their employees and made an adjustment for the better!

6. Think Out of the Box on expanding the employee pool

Here are a few examples of thinking of the box when it comes to expanding the employee pool.

  1. In a previous newsletter, I mentioned looking to prisons that are being innovative in actually rehabilitating inmates.
  2. Partnering with a temp agency to offer someone upward mobility if they complete certain educational/training criteria.
  3. Assisting employees living in rural areas with their transportation efforts. Since they aren’t driving, they could be using that travel time to work or listen to training.
  4. Offering remote work options
  5. Offer housing opportunities for either on a temporary or full-time basis.

These are just a few examples. Really think about your employees and what could make them the most comfortable and confident in growing their career with your company.

If you would like to discuss any of these possibilities, please contact us.  We would love to help you make a difference. 

Some of the products and services we provide are:

  • ACT Job Profiling
  • Books on Leadership.
  • Workbooks to go along with several of our leadership books that can be used for small group employee discussions on a weekly basis.
  • Leadership/behavioral assessments and coaching.
  • Synchronous flow workshops to provide ideas on flowing material/work through your facility more efficient.
  • A variety of leadership workshops.

John Covington