Critical Chain Project Management and EXEPRON

The vast majority of projects are late and over budget. The reason for this is most people use a critical path (Microsoft Project) method of scheduling and planning. In an environment where one has multiple projects and a common resource pool those projects scheduled in critical path are late before you even get started because resource contention is not accounted for adequately. Critical Chain thinking solves those problems. EXEPRON is a cloud base critical chain scheduling system that is a fraction of the cost of some of the major tools used in the project management arena.

Customer Service Training

Are you having trouble keeping your customers satisfied? We offer a three hour customer service workshop to help solve this for you. In this workshop your staff will learn about their behavior style and how to use that to interact with your customers. By building the relationship with your customer and providing them with all the information they need you are able to provide your customer with the best experience possible.

Enterprise Fitness

Enterprise Fitness is Chesapeake's philosophy of how an organization fits together. We believe that culture surrounds every organization and the leadership of that organization affects that culture. Leadership is responsible for accomplishing the organization's purpose by effectively managing the organizations people. People accomplish the purpose of an organization via the transfer of information through relationships and the efficient, effective operation of that organization's processes.