December Blog

This month we will discuss:

  • Next Year Blogs
  • Quotes
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Next Year Blogs

“I thought you knew everything.”  Husbands will recognize that quote.  That is your wife speaking to you.  What she really means to say is, “You think you know everything and here is another excellent example that you don’t.”

This month Linda and I will have been married for fifty years.  How cool is that?  At one time I thought I had married the only crazy woman.  However, over the years I have learned that the wise saying of my friend Dr. Robert Ireland is somewhat true; “All women are crazy, and all men are dogs.  It is just a matter of degree.”

Actually I do not think I know everything although I do own a tee shirt that says, “I am a chemical engineer.  Let’s assume I am right, and we will not waste time.”

I enjoy learning and try and put myself in a position where I will learn new stuff.  When I learn new stuff, I learn it better when I try and teach it to someone else.  That is one of the reasons for the monthly blogs – it is a selfish thing, I am trying to enhance my own learning experience.  I have had enough people contact me that they get something out of the blogs so that is enough for me to continue.  I hope I am able to add value to you, the reader.

I would enjoy some feedback that would enable me to make these blogs more impactful.  Here are a few bullets, if you have time to give some feedback I would appreciate it:

  • Is there a particular topic you would like addressed?
  • How do you like the quotes? Are there too many, too few?
  • Are you at all interested in the Chesapeake news?

The gang at Chesapeake would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

See you next year!!


John Maxwell Quotes from his December 7th Workshop:

  1.  Attitude is the difference maker.  Choose to have a good attitude – it is a choice.
  2. Adding value to others will add value to you.  Put other people’s agenda at the top of yours.
  3. Influence focuses on sowing seeds of wisdom.
  4. Personal growth is the only guarantee for tomorrow to be better.
  5. Age is inevitable; growth is optional.
  6. Everyone needs forgiveness, so forgive everyone.
  7. Everything rises and falls on leadership.  People deserve to be led well.
  8. Intentional living maximizes your life.  Good intentions need to lead to actions.  Small actions are better that great intentions.
  9. One is too small of a number to achieve greatness.
  10. Your perspective becomes your world.
  11. Consistency compounds.
  12. Keep success and failure together.
  13. Success is having those that know you the best love and respect you the most.
  14. When people have good values on the inside they need less validation on the outside.
  15. Significance satisfies.   Not success
  16. My faith is real.


Chesapeake News:

We are excited going into next year.  Recently we launched our non-profit, Chesapeake Unity Foundation and we had our first board meeting.  Part of the role we hope to play is to connect many of the silos in our community that do good things but would do greater things if they were connected to one another to achieve a common purpose.

John Covington