Interactions with Communities

Improve Interactions Between Community Members and Law Enforcement Officers

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If you’re looking for ways to unite local law enforcement with members of the Tuscaloosa, AL community, turn to us. Chesapeake Consulting has experience helping law enforcement officers build long-lasting relationships with the local community through public events and social media interaction. Our non-profit’s goal is to create a unified community where everyone can feel safe and trusted.

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Focus On Building A Positive Relationship With The Community

Our non-profit can help law enforcement officers build a strong and positive relationship with local residents through:

  • “CommUNITY” roundtables, where the public can interact with officers and local government representatives in a non-political environment
  • Community events where officers can interact with the public in a neutral setting
  • Promotion of law enforcement activities through social media

Speak with a member of our team to plan an event that will start building positive relations between local law enforcement officers and residents of Tuscaloosa, AL.