This month we will discuss:

  • A leadership lesson from Jesus and others.
  • Quotes
  • Chesapeake news
  • Description of “Cows Don’t Stay Milked”

A Leadership lesson from Jesus and others:

A couple of weeks ago we changed our website and now have an online store where you can buy our books and some of our assessments online.  I decided I would feature a different book each month which will take us close to the end of the year.  The book we will feature this month is “Cows Don’t Stay Milked.”  I love the title.  The March blog is going to be a leadership lesson that closely aligns with the book.

Our pastor, Chris Hodges, is doing a seven-part study of Passion Week.  This week we studied Thursday; the evening Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples.

A disproportionate amount of the gospels focuses on the last week of Jesus’ life.  In fact, in the book of John, nearly half of the book is focused on this last week.  During the Passover meal, Jesus stressed five leadership points to His disciples as he was doing all he could do to prepare them for the day he would not be physically on earth.   This blog is about those five leadership lessons.

John Maxwell, the renowned leadership guru, is our pastors’ mentor and we get to see a lot of John and hear a lot of his stories.  One of the things Chris has learned from his mentor, is to come to a meal prepared to ask good questions.  So, for each leadership point we are going to propose a “Table Question.”  There is very little of my creativity in this blog, as most of it was taken from Chris’ most recent sermon.  I have added some of my twist on the leadership issues.  I think these are valuable lessons – ones that should probably be reviewed on a routine basis.  If you are a fan of the Bible, these five leadership lessons are outlined in chapters 13-17 in the book of John.  I hope you enjoy this!

  1. The first thing Jesus did was to wash the feet of the disciples. “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”  John 13:7.   If you have never had that done to you or washed the feet of someone else, I recommend it.  It is a unique experience.  About 30 years ago, Warren Ebenger was the senior pastor at Severna Park United Methodist Church in Maryland, and he did it to a Bible class he was teaching that I was part of.  He then had us, wash the feet of someone else.  There has been a lot written about servant leadership and it is certainly not a new concept.
    1. Your highest calling in life is to serve others. Find a need and fill it.  Or find a hurt and heal it.
    2. Table Question is; “what could you do this week to intentionally serve someone else?”
  2. The next thing Jesus did in John chapter 14 is comfort His disciples. In your role as a leader many times you will be called to do the same thing when things are not going so well.  The disciples were afraid – things were not going well.  Jesus had them focus on heaven – not this earth.  In really bad times, we should do the same.  People fretting gets them nowhere. Your calming hand may be just what they need.
    1. If I know God, earth is as close to hell as I will ever get. It only gets better from here.
    2. If I do not know God, earth is as close to heaven as I will ever get. It only gets worse from here.
    3. Your perspective and attitude can either add to the calming of the room – or to the chaos.
    4. Table Question is; “Who needs your encouragement this week?”
  3. In John chapter 15, is where Jesus talks about the vine and the branches and staying connected. The leadership point is that we can do more together than we can do apart.  Part of an excellent leadership development program is self-awareness.  Understanding your DISC profile, emotional intelligence and if you are a person of faith, Spiritual gifts assessment are all parts of having a better understanding of you.
    1. When all of us do a little together we do a lot.
    2. Table Question is; “What do you think your part is?”
    3. In order to answer this Table Question you need to know yourself. What are your behavior traits?   What are your spiritual gifts?  Have you discovered why you were born – your purpose?
  4. In “Cow’s Don’t Stay Milked” I make the claim that if you do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, you will never reach your leadership potential. In John 16, Jesus is essentially saying the same thing.  You do not get up one morning and ask the Holy Spirit to dwell within you and that’s it.  There is no magic pill.  It is ongoing.  Spiritual development is like mental or physical development.  You do not go to the gym one day then sit on the sofa eating cookies the rest of the month – Cow’s Don’t Stay Milked.   You milk the cows in the morning and guess what – they need milking again in the afternoon.  They do not stay milked.  Same thing with the Holy Spirit.
    1. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within you.
    2. The Holy Spirits’ voice is only as loud as your willingness to listen.
    3. Table Question; “What has the Holy Spirit been trying to tell you? Maybe it’s a dream, or a warning.  Our God is a speaking God.”
  5. Chapter 17 is on prayer. Jesus encourages His disciples to pray.
    1. Prayer needs to be our first response. Not our last resort.
    2. Table Question; “What do you need to give to God in prayer?”
    3. As a leader, you should have your subordinates and other parts of your sphere of influence on your prayer list. 


  1. Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.  Albert Gyorgyi
  2. Character is a by-product; it is produced in the great manufacture of daily duty.  Woodrow Wilson
  3. Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.  William Shakespeare
  4. Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. I believe in science, and I believe in God, and I plan to continue testifying to both.  Hugh Siefker, nuclear physicist
  6. Life must be lived on a higher plane. We must go up to a higher platform, to which we are always invited to ascend; there, the whole aspect of things changes.  Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. The difference between an atheist and a believer isn’t one of internal righteousness, but of accepted forgiveness.
  8. One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.  Andre Gide
  9. Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong.  Thomas Jefferson
  10. Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.  Confucius
  11. I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.  Patrick Henry
  12. They know enough who know how to learn.  Henry Adams

Chesapeake News:

We have a lot of exciting activities.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Chesapeake Unity Foundation (CUF) is established and we are launched on our first endeavor. We are testing inmates for emotional intelligence who are entering a two-year re-entry program within Bibb County Correctional Facility.  Our partner who supplies the assessments, TTI, is joining us in this and providing the assessments for no fee.  The re-entry program is only paying for expenses to process the assessments which is making this affordable.  They told us that without this benefit they would not be able to afford this project.  We are excited about the potential and the amount of learning and research that will come out of this.
  • Our project of testing everyone at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s department for emotional intelligence is about 1/3 complete. We expect to finish this by the end of May and are excited about what we are learning and how that will translate to actions that will improve performance and safety for our community.
  • Work is ongoing by our team to provide program management and information system security work for the FAA. As it is ongoing work, we do not mention it often however we are very proud of the work we do in service to our country.  Well done guys!!
  • We have a new website which includes a “web store.” You can now purchase our books directly from us and also a few of our assessments.

Cows Don’t Stay Milked

This book was published in 2017, shortly after Linda and I had moved to Tuscaloosa after having lived in the Annapolis, Maryland area for 30 years.  As I mentioned earlier, the theme of the book is leadership and the Holy Spirit.  After claiming that you will not reach your potential without the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, I challenge the reader to look in a mirror as I flash by characteristics of the fruit of the spirit using people that I know and Biblical characters as examples.

If you live in Alabama, you will recognize some of the friends I used as examples such as:

  • Ralph Stokes and his lovely wife Debra
  • My lovely wife Linda and daughter Leigh
  • Leroy McAbee
  • And if you remember our family from the Maryland era you will recognize Pastor Jim Farmer and my good friend Gene Cuzzart.
  • One of the examples I used (for Joy) are the inmates at Bibb County Correctional Facility.

Dr. Judy Bonner, the 28th president of the University of Alabama, and the only female president wrote the foreword.

One of the stories in the book is about a friendship between my German Shepherd, Maggie, and a duck that I named Derrick.

And those that are friends from high school days in Springfield, Virginia might enjoy a story about our friend Steve Mcloskey.

We have developed an agenda for a leadership course using the book and it has been taught several times within a prison re-entry program.  We can offer this book to you as a leadership course for your folks.

Included in the book is the Chesapeake Leadership Model which we have successfully used for over 25 years.

You can get the book from us by clicking on this link: