October Blog

Here is what we are going to discuss this month:


  1. Wisdom and calm in time of chaos.
  3. Update on New Book and Chesapeake Consulting


Wisdom in Time of Chaos


I started writing this on November 6, 2020; three days after our election and we were in some sort of chaos regarding the results.  I voted and that is the extent of my impact on the election.  No one asked for my opinion on who they should vote for (although I may have offered it a time or two) and I was unreceptive of anyone trying to tell me how I should vote.  It is time to move on and not fret about something I have no control over. 


There is a lot of difference between folks that are smart and wise and those that think they have knowledge and are not quite as smart as they think they are.  A person that is wise has knowledge but someone that has knowledge is not necessarily wise.  One may have knowledge that their spouse’s blue jeans are fitting too snug; a person who is wise has the same knowledge, but they have the wisdom to keep their mouth shut. 


There has always been an issue of people trying to teach something to those that think they are smart.  Eons ago I taught sessions on the Theory of Constraints to college professors mostly at Clemson University and Washington & Lee.  They were by far the toughest student’s I have ever had as many of them already thought they knew everything and were unwilling to open their minds to something new.   The Apostle Paul had a similar issue with the Greeks.  At one time the Greek mindset was that there were two types of humans – Greeks and barbarians.  I fall into the barbarian category and my lovely wife Linda will validate that.  Sometimes I wonder if anything has changed over thousands of years.  Perhaps not.


For the sake of those around us we should each strive to be wiser.  The Hebrew word for wisdom means “skill in living.”  Here are some snippets from a sermon series our church is doing on the book of James.  Wisdom starts with a “Holy fear of the Lord.”  This is not the kind of fear where you are running for your closet or dive under the bed.  It is reverence and humility – we need to ask God for wisdom.  When one is wise, they reflect six characteristics:


  1. The wise love peace.  They understand that conflict cannot continue without their participation.  So, they refuse to participate.
  2. The wise have a pure heart.  They are intentional on what they allow in into their mind through their senses as these issues flow from the mind to the heart and surface as behavior.
  3. The wise do not know it all; they consider it.  John Maxwell has a neat quote, “Give your thoughts a break.  You already think them.”
  4. The wise are willing to yield.  They ask, “Am I reasonable?”
  5. The wise minimize the mistakes of others.  They would rather stand before God having loved too much than having judged too harshly. 
  6. The wise are authentic.  They may ask themselves, “What am I hiding?” 


Anyone can increase their wisdom.  It takes being intentional which begins by asking God for it.  It makes you a better you and more fun to be around.  It will make you more productive and more useful to those in your sphere of influence.  Just what is needed in chaotic times. 




  1. God sent His Spirit to be your partner in purpose, companion in commission, and sidekick in support.  Never buy into the lie that you are alone.
  2. Many friendships emerge from shared experiences.  Doing things together bonds us.  Randy Alcorn
  3. Leadership is seeing the possibilities while others are seeing the limitations.  John Maxwell
  4. All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog.  Franz Kafka
  5. My words determine the direction of my life.  From the book of James
  6. We shape our words and then our words shape us.
  7. My words always reveal my heart.
  8. Improvement is impossible without change.  John Maxwell
  9. Decide to speak words of life over people; words of affection, words of praise, words of encouragement, words of healing and words of faith.
  10. I must keep alive in myself the desire for my true country, which I shall not find till after death; I must never let it get snowed under or turned aside; I must make it the main objective of my life to press on to that other country and to help others do the same.  CS Lewis
  11. Action is what converts human dreams into significance.  John Maxwell


Chesapeake Consulting News and the New Book Status


Chesapeake Consulting and the Covington family lost a wonderful friend recently as Jim Turbok died.  He lived a wonderful and full life leaving a lasting impact on those he touched especially me as he was my best friend.  I am happy for those of you reading this that had an opportunity to know and work with Jim – what a character and a fine man. 


The new book, “Don’t Do Anything Stupid—a White Man’s Guide to Racial Harmony,” is launched.  You can get it from Chesapeake Consulting for $18.00 which includes shipping – just send us your address.  If you get the book from us we will email you a small group study guide that goes with the book.  You can also get it from Barns & Nobel and Amazon, and they are less expensive.  If you get the book and like it, please consider leaving a book review on Amazon.  My publisher tells me I need at least 100 reviews and I have a long way to go.


We have started a neat project with the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Department on providing a job profile for entry level positions.  We are excited about the project and its potential to help many law enforcement agencies. 


We have also developed a new product/service on delivering leadership development education to your team at a great price enabling you do add value to more of your team members.  Contact us for more information.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!