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During these unprecedented and challenging times, it's important for you to understand how to effectively communicate with your employees. It's also important to understand why they behave the way they do.

Chesapeake Consulting has a highly effective tool that will help you learn and understand your team's behaviors and driving forces, while maintaining the recommended 'social distancing.'

With this tool, you can complete online modules that will allow you to understand and read the DISC and Driving Forces Assessments. You can send links to your staff so that they can complete the assessments online, then have the ability to analyze, understand and explain their results.

Information flows through relationships - our tool will effectively improve relationships thus improve the flow of information.

On a March 17 teleconference with the city, Jim Page (President of the Chamber of Commerce) stressed that we need to support small businesses. Chesapeake is a local small business! For only $2500, we have the solution you need to accomplish this without going outside of your home area. Or if you prefer for Chesapeake to do the assessment and analysis, we can do it for a low "per person" fee.

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Every organization needs to identify shortcomings in order to overcome them and be as successful as possible. Chesapeake Consulting offers business consulting services and more in Tuscaloosa, AL, across the country, and around the world. Our team can help you with everything from hiring decisions to leadership assistance. We can handle projects of any size.

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