Meet The Chesapeake Team


John Covington was a corporate executive who dreamed of a work environment where creative, high- achieving people could accomplish great things - without impediments. A creative, high-achieving guy himself, he couldn't help noticing that institutions and organizations never seemed to have the kind of flexibility that allowed people like himself to continue to grow.

In 1988 John was given the opportunity to put his money where his mouth was - or to put his efforts where his dream was. Down-sized out of his high-level job, he decided not to accept another such position, but to start the kind of company he would ideally prefer to work in. And Chesapeake Consulting was born.

From the beginning Chesapeake has attracted a rare breed of consultants - all people who've held leadership positions in the corporate world, government, and the military. All people who are humble enough to feel that there is always more, much more, to learn. Chesafolks, as our clients call us, are open-minded and ready to tackle any kind of challenge. And unlike many consultants, we aren't content to leave our clients with volumes of impossible-to- implement recommendations. We consistently deliver real, dramatic, and sustainable benefits to a wide variety of clients from automotive industry suppliers, to the United Methodist Church, to the Federal Aviation Administration. The high morale and low stress that is always the by-product of a Chesapeake Consulting engagement is a huge part of the job satisfaction for Chesafolks.